ESD in Teacher Education and for University Lecturers at Uppsala University

Uppsala University’s Programme on Sustainable Develoment (pdf)  and Action Plan on Sustainable Development (pdf) provides guidance for the implementation of ESD in teacher education. Uppsala University aims to promote interdisciplinary research for sustainable development and support graduate students and researchers in the field of ESD. The Action Plan also specifies that sustainability should be integrated into all relevant training and curricula and that internal and external collaboration for ESD should be strengthened and developed.

SWEDESD supports the implementation of ESD in Teacher Education at Uppsala university. During 2017 we will:

  • Review curricula and pedagogical perspectives at all departments within teacher education at Uppsala University
  • Promote competence development within ESD for teacher trainers and students in teacher education programs, as well as for school leaders
  • Develop and implement a sustainability strategy for long and short programmes in teacher education
  • Fully develop and implement an international master program in ESD

and for the Unit for Academic Teaching and Learning (UP):

  • Develop and conduct ESD in the basic course for university lecturers (total reach 300 a year) at Uppsala University
  • Develop a special accredited course in ESD for Directors of Studies and specialized/advanced lecturers
  • Train staff at the Unit for Academic Teaching and Learning (UP) in ESD
  • Develop a database as an online platform for continued discussions and competence development for all participants of these above mentioned courses