Nordic research seminar on environmental and sustainability education

SWEDESD has takten the initiative to start a online research seminar on environmental and sustainability education. The purpose of the initiative is to foster a dialog within a nordic research network and to disseminate knowledge.

The seminar will be held via Adobe Connect and provide opportunity for researchers to engage in the following:

  • present latest research findings
  • engage in an dialog with or comment on the current state of research within the field or the historic development of the field
  • offer to perspectives on environmental and sustainability education (ESD)

The objective is to offer researchers at all stages of their career a forum where it is possible to contribute to the debate and knowledge production within the field of environmental and sustainability education. The main target group are researchers but other interested partners are welcome to participate. All that is needed to participate is a computer and stable access to the internet.

In order to document the presentations as resources for other researchers not able to join, as well as other interested partners, the seminar sessions are recorded and provided on this page.

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27 oktober kl.13:00-14:30


  • Det KRAV-märkta barnet. Om normer för klass och svenskhet i miljö- och hållbarhetsutbildning. Malin Ideland, professor, Malmö högskola
  • De globala målen möter lärarens vardag. Helen Hasslöf, universitetslektor, Malmö högskola
  • När pluralism krockar med professionell praktik: att utbilda de som ska arbeta med hållbar utveckling. Magnus Johansson, enhetschef, Malmö högskola

Seminariet äger rum via Adobe Connect. Klicka på länken och du slussas till mötesrummet.

Till mötesrummet

Om du vill testa din utrustning innan seminariet, besök testrummet: https://connect.sunet.se/test

Vill du ha hjälp med teknik som t ex ljudet så besök Café Connect http://connect.sunet.se/cafeconnect som bemannas av Umeå universitet. Öppettider: Måndag - fredag: 8.45 - 11.00 | Måndag - torsdag: 12.30 - 14.30.

För ytterligare information, se Adobe Connects guide för mötesdeltagare

For those interested in presenting

Your presentation should relate to environmental education and education for sustainable development as a research field. The content must be clearly related to a educational or learning perspective. The purpose of this is to connect to and to develop an already existent debate and body of knowledge within the field. We ask you to specify the links to previous research within the field of environmental and sustainability education research.

In case you should be interested to present please provide the requested information in the form below. Prior to the seminar we will contact you to introduce the communication platform as well as to record a brief summary of your presentation (max. 3 minutes).

To the form


For more information, please contact stefan.bengtsson@swedesd.uu.se

In short
  • every seminar consists of three presentations
  • presentations should be 15-20 minutes and are followed by 10 minutes of discussion
  • presentations are recorded, edited and published via the SWEDESD homepage.

7 July 2017

27 March 2017