New book in print on Urban Environmental Education


Alexander Hellquist, specialist at SWEDESD, has co-written a chapter in a new book that explores how environmental education can contribute to urban sustainability. The chapter is based on experiences from facilitating multi-stakeholder collaboration and learning processes.

The book, "Urban Environmental Education Review", includes thirty chapters written by eighty-two experts from nineteen countries. Urban environmental education includes any practices that create learning opportunities to foster individual and community well-being and environmental quality in cities. Topics in this book range from the urban context to educational settings, theoretical underpinnings, participants, and educational approaches in urban environmental education.

The goal with the chapter “Deliberation, trust, and collaborative governance”, written by Alexander Hellquist and Marc Stern, from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, is to highlight the importance of deliberative processes in governance, and to provide guidance for environmental educators wishing to catalyze collaborations necessary for addressing wicked problems.

The upcoming book can be pre-ordered here and will be available in June 2017. Here you can also learn more about the content of the book and look at videos by the authors.

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