Workshop in Zambia to develop ESD Change projects in teaching and learning


Participants in Sustainability Starts with Teachers workshop in Lusaka, Zambia 5-9 June 2017. Photo SWEDESD

This week SWEDESD facilitates a workshop in Lusaka, Zambia, to assist teachers to introduce education for sustainable development (ESD) principles and approaches in teacher education curricula and practice.

The workshop is part of the project Sustainability Starts with Teachers that offers training courses in changing practice for teacher educators in Southern Africa and Central Asia. It focuses on the importance of supporting teacher educators in the regions to integrate sustainable development priorities and goals into teacher education programmes.

Shepherd Urenje from SWEDESD is one of the facilitors of the workshop.

- Yesterday we discussed how teacher education can make use of indigenous knowledge. We also explored and reflected upon successful methods of teaching and learning that teacher educators are using to empower their students for sustainability thinking and action, says Shepherd Urenje and takes an example of the Marula tree method.

- Tomorrow we will discuss how the use of alternative assessment techniques will enable them to consider issues like ESD values, critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration

By the end of the week workshop participants will present their Change Project - a draft of an implementation strategy to make changes in teacher education institutions and to integrate ESD in teaching and learning.

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