The 9th World Environmental Education Congress in Canada


Swedesd will participate in an international policy forum, present in a research symposium and facilitate a workshop at the 9th World Environmental Education Congress (WEEC) on 9 to 15 September 2017 in Vancouver, Canada. This year´s theme is "Culturenvironment: Weaving new connections”. 

WEEC is an international congress addressing education for environment and sustainable development. The congress discuss the role and importance of education for environment and sustainability at all levels; both in higher education and for lower ages.

At WEEC, Stefan Bengtsson, SWEDESD, will present in a research symposium on "Measurement, Evaluation, and Research of Education and the Sustainable Development Goals". Presentations will discuss research, scholarship, experience and perspectives on UNESCO evaluation efforts to date to identify key considerations in measuring progress towards SDG 4.7 and UNESCO GAP on ESD (Global Action Program on Education for Sustainable Development) priorities.

At WEEC, Stefan will also present his upcoming book project entitled “Dark Pedagogy” which is a collaboration with Martin Laugensen. The book will be published at Palgrave.

Shepherd Urenje, SWEDESD, will facilitate a workshop on the project ‘Sustainability Starts with Teachers’. Workshop participants will be engaged on how this Flagship project is supporting teacher educators to implement and monitor their so called Change Project for its value creation benefits in their education institutions.

In addition, Stefan Bengtsson will join in an international policy forum in Vancouver in advance of WEEC. This two-day working meeting will gather policy-makers, organizations, and researchers in order to explore progress in monitoring, evaluation and research of environmental and sustainability education (ESE) policy across national and international setting.

Find out more on http://weec2017.eco-learning.org/

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