Developing Capacity for Teaching Sustainable Development in the Baltic Sea Region (EduBalt)

The aim of the programme is to run courses in Education for Sustainable Development for teachers in the Baltic Sea Region to support the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The objective is to foster coordinated sustainable development governance and related activities of stakeholders in the region. ESD course facilitation will support regional governance, collaboration, and peer-to-peer capacity development, to advance progress on sustainable development, as it has been framed by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The Baltic University Programme (BUP) is a network of about 225 universities and other institutes of higher education throughout the Baltic Sea region. The BUP Secretariat, which is part of Uppsala Centre for Sustainable Development at Uppsala University, coordinates the ESD courses. The Baltic Sea partnership will strengthen sustainable development governance in this region through mutual learning, by exchanging and dissemination of knowledge and by using best practices within frames of the SDGs.

Over the last five years SWEDESD has gained substantial experience in supporting universities in integrating ESD into teacher education curriculum and practice. Based on lessons learned from this experience, the BUP will develop the capacity of teacher educators and their institutions to introduce innovative methods and relevant content related to ESD in their curriculum and working practices. In order to create desired change processes, a pilot course is being developed, which will invite participants from universities in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. The course has the aim to try to answer the following questions:

  • What are the new demands (local, regional and global) that science and society puts upon learners, teachers and teacher educators?

  • What type of lessons would we like to see in the classroom as a response to these new demands?

  • How do these new demands from science and society and the new contents, method and approaches for the classroom influence the way we educate teachers?

Furthermore, the aim is to establish BUP University Teachers Course on sustainable development and ESD which will be open to every university in the Baltic Region, focusing on climate change education and global citizenship education. The purpose is to develop knowledge and skills for climate change and how to connect ethical, social and economic livelihoods.

  • Duration 2016-2017
  • Partners The Baltic University Programme (BUP), Åbo Akademi University, Tallinn University, Statera, Estonia, University of Latvia, Kaunas University of Technology, The Life-Link Friendship-Schools programme
  • Contact Shepherd Urenje,