Attn. SWEDESD will not host any internships in 2020. Although, we hope to be able to offer new places in the coming year.

SWESESD offers national and international master students internship related to Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) on a broad and trans-disciplinary platform. SWEDESD interns are involved in the organization’s research and work with ESD-related policy and knowledge development towards capacity building in a national, regional and global context.

At SWEDESD, interns work systematically and critically towards integrating sustainable development issues, values and practices into all aspects of formal education and social learning. Through our many projects and initiatives, the students will participate in developing and receive insights into how the organisation designs and implements educational, informational and training activities to strengthen the capacity of practitioners, policy makers and researchers in formal- and informal educational settings.

SWEDESD will offer an office space and an inspirational environment. The intern will also be provided with a supervisor for guidance and support.

The internship program is meant for ambitious and dedicated students that are interested in ESD related issues. It is both for students that want to write their thesis in the field of ESD and for those who want to gain practical experience.

To apply for an internship at SWEDESD, please submit a personal letter about your ambitions within the field of ESD and tell us why you would be a valuable intern candidate for SWEDESD. If you intend to write a thesis on the subject, send us an abstract on your idea. 

Last day to apply

Attn. SWEDESD will not host any internship in 2020. Although, we hope to be able to offer new places in the coming year.

31 October (Internship spring semester)
31 Mars (Internship fall semester)

The application is closed

Contact: Eva Friman, (English Park Campus)