Mapping Sustainability Initiatives on Gotland and Uppsala University Campus Gotland Outreach

The research project, supported by the foundation Sällskapet De Badande Wännerna and hosted by SWEDESD in July-December 2020, investigated what kind of sustainability related initiatives exist on Gotland, what organizations that are owning them, how the collaboration between these actors is organized and what challenges could they have in their work. The existing forms of collaboration between Campus Gotland study programs and local organizations outside the campus, as well as possibilities to enhance the campus outreach were also analyzed.

30 in-depth interviews with non-for-profit organizations, businesses, regional authorities, individual projects, as well as representatives of seven Bachelor and Master study programs based at the Campus Gotland have been conducted in August-November 2020.

The sustainability initiatives database is formed based on open source data, official statements of organizations and projects included in the database, and in-depths interviews information.

  • Duration 2020
  • Partners Uppsala University
  • Funders Sällskapet De Badande Wännerna, SWEDESD
  • Contact Oleksandra Khalaim, Ph.D. Visiting Researcher, Swedish International Centre of Education for Sustainable Development (SWEDESD)