Education for Sustainable Development in the Nordic Countries - Mapping of education supporting UN Sustainable Development Goal 4.7

The governments in the Nordic countries want to be in the lead with respect to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goal with special emphasis on goal 4.7 (SDG 4.7) which applies to all school levels. The goal is to make service and support for the educational systems of the countries be as good as any and that individuals have opportunities for diverse and inclusive education and work. It is important to prepare students for active participation at all school levels in a democratic community and offer children and youth appropriate preparation and diverse option for further education and work.

SDG 4.7 indicates that no less than 2030 all students should have necessary education and skills to support sustainable development, with, among other things, education for sustainable development, sustainable living, human rights, gender equality, enhancement of peaceful interactions, global citizenship, recognition of cultural diversity and cultural contributions to sustainable development.

To work constructively towards the implementation of SDG 4.7. it is important to gather information on the situation in all the Nordic Countries with respect to those factors covered by the goal. With that in mind, mapping of how the implementation of SDG 4.7 and all its subordinate factors is going in all the Nordic countries. The work is divided into two parts. Part (1) consists in analyses of policy documents, existing research and other available data, while Part (2) will consists in data gathering. This work will be carried out in collaboration with universities in the Nordic Countries.

Period: 2019-2020 
Partners: Icelandic Ministry of Science and Education (lead), University of Iceland, University of Akureyri, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki University, Uppsala University, Aarhus University (located in Copenhagen)
Contact: Stefan Bengtsson,

Senast uppdaterad: 2021-07-07