The conference venue is Uppsala University - Campus Gotland. The conference program will be intense and to be able to easily experience the beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Visby, we will stay in the very heart of it. 

Uppsala University - Campus Gotland is located in Visby, the island's main town. Visby is a medieval town that has been marked as a historical site by the UNESCO World Heritage Program. A popular landmark is the fortress wall dating back to the 13th century, which surrounds the old city.

Campus Gotland is situated close to the Visby Seaside. The main building was formerly a malt factory and situated between Visby harbor and the famous Almedalen.

As a student at Campus Gotland, you can enjoy everything the unique location has to offer. Not only is the island just 90 km from the Swedish mainland, the Baltic States are just 130 km away. Transport between Gotland and Stockholm, Sweden's capital, is frequent.

SWEDESD event policy SWEDESD applies the sustainability practices it is advocating, and this includes transport, energy use, waste reduction, recycling, and event management (including travel, lodging and food) that contribute to reducing the ecological footprint of its operations and its associates and participants, while illustrating the positive effects of measures to live and work with greater sustainability.

The Island Gotland is situated in the middle of the Baltic Sea and is Sweden’s biggest Island. The island has its own Municipality with an Eco-policy and strategy that includes waste management, environment friendly public means etc.

Fair Trade City is a diploma to municipalities that are committed to ethical consumption. In October 2010, Gotland had fulfilled the criteria to become a Fairtrade Island. The concept is selected as the award relates to the whole island, and includes both the public sector, business and community organizations and workplaces.

The city, Visby, has a long interesting history and is seen as one of the best-preserved medieval cities in the Scandinavia and in 1995 the hanseatic city Visby was submitted to the World Heritage list.

It is walking distant to everything within the old town surrounded by the medieval wall. In the old town several ruins are found and in the northwest part, close to the Sea-side, there is a beautiful Botanical Gardens suitable for peaceful reflections and strolls.