TRUST Seminar 8 October 2015


SWEDESD is organising a TRUST Seminar on 8 October  at 13.00-15.00 in Campus Blåsenhus room 21:239 (SWEDESD office). Dr. Zinaida Fadeeva, Senior Specialist, Strategy and Policy at UNU-IAS will be presenting: "Learning-lead change towards sustainable consumption and production systems: what RCEs can offer?"

The seminar intends to address opportunities that are opened for (action) research on changing consumption and production systems in the context of the local multi-stakeholder partnerships.

The RCEs (Regional Centres of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development) is the global movement of RCEs that, since establishment in 2005, operate as regional partnerships that bring together the formal and/or informal education sector with other sectors, including government, business and/or civil society, to develop – through learning and innovations - practical solutions towards local sustainability challenges and empower individuals and organizations to implement these, individually and in collaboration. 

They are seem as particularly potent partnership to deal with challenges that are of a complex systemic nature such pursuit of more sustainable consumption and production (SCP). Yet, more critical look in necessary to uncover challenges and opportunities of such engagements from the perspective of framing research questions, agreeing on methodological position, assigning the ‘roles’ in knowledge inquiry to the participating partners, recognizing ‘quality’ of such work or making the results known to the decision makers.

The seminar builds on the experiences of the RCEs from around the world as well as active contributions of the seminar’s participants.

Dr. Zinaida Fadeeva is a Senior Specialist, Strategy and Policy at UNU-IAS. Since 2003 she worked with formulation of the RCE concept and then with many aspects of RCE community development. She works with international sustainability processes related to SCP, climate change, livelihood development. Among her interests are questions of ESD, SCP, change, multistakeholder partnerships and higher education.

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