Public pedagogy and Sustainability challenges Symposium in Belgium


This week, SWEDESD participtates in a symposium at Ghent University in Belgium with the title ‘Public Pedagogy & Sustainability Challenges” arranged by the Scientific Research Network (FWO - WOG).

One of the networks aims is to develop a theory of public pedagogy with a focus on sustainability issues and to engage in joint research. A kick-off symposium was held in March 2017 to get to know the work of network participants and to discuss how to organize the work in the future.

The aim of the meeting on 10 to 12 January in Ghent, is to further conceptualize the understanding of public pedagogy and thereby taking the specificity of sustainability issues seriously. In order to do so, network participants will draw inspiration from texts, invited lectures, concrete cases, an excursion and engage in further in-depth discussion. Throughout the meeting, participants will take time to jointly identify and describe key concepts on public pedagogy and sustainability issues and, in doing so, develop a glossary with a shared vocabulary on the network’s topic. Furthermore, they will identify and elaborate essential research challenges to provide with a solid basis for further interdisciplinary dialogue and collaboration.

The participants from SWEDESD are David O. Kronlid and Lilly Bengtsson.

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