BONUS RETURN stakeholder meeting in Poland


A BONUS RETURN stakeholder meeting will take place in Poland on 24 April to discuss on how to best support innovative solutions for improving the water resources in one of three pilot research areas in the Baltic Sea Region.

The main objective of the BONUS RETURN project is to improve the adaptation of eco-technologies by contributing innovative solutions for reuse of nutrients and carbon in the Baltic Sea Region. In the implementation of the project, particular attention is paid to solutions leading both to the reduction of pollutant loads and the possibility of re-use of nutrients and organic compounds.

The Słupia River catchment in Poland was selected as one of the three pilot research areas in which the proposed activities will be tested. As a first step in analyzing the situation, stakeholders are now invited to a meeting to discuss issues important for the implementation process. This will be the first of three meetings made for defining the conditions for the implementation of innovative solutions leading to the improvement of the water resources in the catchment.

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