Nordic Research Seminar on Environmental and Sustainability Education

In 2017, SWEDESD organized a series of online research seminars on environmental and sustainability education. The purpose of the initiative was to foster a dialog within a nordic research network and to disseminate knowledge within the field.

The seminar provided an opportunity for researchers to engage in the following:

  • present latest research findings,
  • engage in an dialog with or comment on the current state of research within the field or the historic development of the field,
  • offer to perspectives on environmental and sustainability education (ESD)

In order to document the presentations as resources for other researchers not able to join, as well as other interested partners, the seminar sessions were recorded to be provided on this page.

7 juni 2017 | Niklas Gericke, professor, Karlstad universitet "Effekter av implementeringen av utbildning för hållbar utveckling – framgångsfaktorer för nya vägar framåt"

7 juni 2017 | Daniel Olsson, doktorand, Karlstad universitet "Helhet i lärande och organisation - Utveckling av en whole institution approach på utbildning för hållbar utveckling i Karlstads skolorganisation"

7 juni 2017 | Per Sund, doktor, Mälardalens högskola "Hållbar utveckling som kunskapsinnehåll och undervisningspraktik"